It's Not Always As Put Together As It Seems

You often only get to see the positive side of renovations - or just the before and after - but not today! Don't get me wrong, the B & A photos are pretty amazing, but with our current living situation, we want you to see what we are currently really "living" in.

The main floor and basement levels have both gone through some HUGE changes over the last year (which will all be shown over time). On those two levels everything but the kitchen is finished right now - however to make it livable for the time being we cleaned it up a bit with fresh paint, lighting, hardware and mostly new appliances. The kitchen will be completely re-done at a later date due other unforeseen costs throughout our project to date. As well as several moving parts - literally - like walls being moved, windows being created and sub-flooring even being replaced! But the upstairs where our bedrooms are is a whole other story.

Without showing you too much of the before - because it will make the after so much better - here are a few photos of what it looked like upon move in.

This is the upstairs hallway with the beautiful antique matching ceiling & wall light fixtures - that were later sold and put to good use in someone else's home!

The master bedroom has a huge amount of wasted space - We can't wait to add a few walls and make this large empty space feel more cozy. And yes...that was a pedestal that the bed sat on...don't worry, it's gone!

Once the basement complete tear out was finished, Kyle & my brother began their very own Chip & Joanna inspired #DemoDays! They may or may not have just opened the windows up and chucked out all of the wood and carpet into the 40 cubic yard dumpster below in our driveway (which we are currently on our third one right now).

Being able to demo and create a blank canvas has helped us come up with several options as we move forward on our plans up there, but it has also meant that we don't have a bedroom quite yet! This is the part people don't see - the living in a constant mess, sleeping on a mattress and box springs for the last year, showering in the new basement but getting ready upstairs in a horribly lit bathroom where the mirror is too high up to even see ourselves!

So while we have been living in a mess for this long, these next few weeks will make it all worth it! We will slowly be transforming each space upstairs into our home, not a construction zone or painting room, but our own little oasis for ourselves and future little Hill's!

Without making too much change since walls and doors will be moving, we did need to make the space feel "clean" so we took the popcorn ceiling down and painted the walls for now.

Once we got the carpet out of this room and wallpaper off, it felt better already! Smoke infused is putting it nicely...

Time to move some plumbing and add a full bath and walk in closet!

Sadly, this current "laundry room" situation is much improved already compared to the before...which was simply just shared space - in the PANTRY downstairs!

The master bedroom was striped down and quickly became our "work room". It is currently being used as a storage space, paint booth and wood working facilities!

So please remember that every finished project has it's nasty side, whether it be for a a few days, months or even a year or more! It's not all glitz and glamour - there is some dirt and sacrifice mixed in along with lots and lots of prayers throughout!

Stay tuned via Facebook & Instagram as we will keep you updated throughout the process!

{Kyle & Nicole Hill}

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