Exploring Winter Park

Hello Everyone! Long time no chat...I apologize for the lack of posting. The holidays are quite a crazy time for us - no relaxing is ever done! And then once the new year hit we were in IBS/KBIS mode! For those of you who don't know what those shows are, let us enlighten you...they are the best and most overwhelming days for any General Contractor (Kyle) or Designer (myself).

We headed out to Orlando on a Friday and over the weekend Kyle and Cary (our boss for another side of the business) attended a Green Build course. While they were consumed with lots of info, I wondered around the Orlando area shopping at outlets and visiting the cutest little area in Winter Park. I just have to show you a few of the homes and local stores around there that just stole my heart!

The brick laid side streets and the beautiful churches made Kyle and I wanna up and leave good ole Kansas...but for now we will just use it all as inspiration!

After walking the streets downtown, I came across a familiar showroom - Restoration Hardware. The staff here was so helpful and kind. I had to snap a few pictures for reference as we do a few renovations here in KC. I like to mix in a few high end pieces, with a few custom pieces from our carpenter, so this was great inspiration!

The different metal elements of this vanity set-up were showing up throughout the KBIS Show as well - I love it and hope to incorporate it in our own bath possibly!

Lastly. This Couch. I wish there was a way you could feel how cozy it was just by seeing it on here. You sit down and literally cannot get up. Not to mention, the size was ENORMOUS and so perfect for a move night.

Finally the best showroom was saved for last..and visited twice because of course I had to bring Kyle back by when he had a chance. I wanted to bring everything home with us. Canvas Interiors has a few shops in the Florida area, but all be darn, they will ship too! If I am lucky, some of these pillows will show up on my door step soon.

Catherine and her staff have an eye for what's coming next and what will stay in style. They offer in-home design services as well if you are in the area. I highly recommend them!

Make sure you check out this full bedroom layout over on our Instagram post yesterday, it is to die for! The laid back coastal style the exude is so stunning!

Now this dining room set has me re-thinking the layout of our whole main level! When we saw this, our wheels started turning. Do we make the current dining room, a cozy sitting room and evolve the living room into one huge dining room?! Stay tuned...it may happen!

After these few days, we used Monday to regroup and get ready for the big shows! It all started on Tuesday and we were able to take 2 full days to soak it all in as was this first go-around for us! Not only did we gain so much knowledge for our NEW builds coming this year, but we were flooded with so many ideas and products to use for 2018. Stay tuned for more info on this later in the week...

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{Kyle & Nicole Hill}

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