Kyle & Nicole: Married

To celebrate our 4th Anniversary here with Hill Homes KC, we thought we would take you through a few of our favorite moments on literally the best day ever!

Now many people don't like the stress of planning a wedding, but me on the other hand, LOVED it! Since May 31st, 2014, I have helped a few others plan out their big day and it still brings the biggest joy to my heart to see that groom when his bride walks down the aisle!

As I show what may seem like a lot, it's very little of what went on 4 years ago yesterday. I can honestly say everything went off without a hitch. All 480 guests...Yes 480...made such a big impact on us that day and every day after. And without our AMAZING vendors, this day would have never been possible!

So Jessica Harbin is amazing! If you need a hair or make-up crew, reach out!

And our Photographers....the best in Kansas City by far: Melissa & Beth (and just because Melissa and I are cousins, it doesn't make me biased at all!) They truly caught every little detail from my custom garter to match our colors and special touches of our Grandma's on our big day ( A piece of my Grandma's Wedding Dress and my Mom's were placed on mine and a special photo of Kyle and his late Grandma was placed on his boutonniere.)

That morning while getting ready and I had a delivery from my groom to be. The first thing I opened was a little speaker that said "Turn on and play while opening your gifts". Each morning he says, " Good Morning Beautiful" so that song played while I opened a few special things from him - I'm so lucky!

We had an amazing ceremony at 2pm in our Church, St. Joseph Catholic Church. This church wasn't just any old church we chose based on looks or location, it's where my grandparents went to school and got married in, each of my aunt's & uncles's attended and were married there as well, I have had each of my sacraments in this church and now Kyle does IT work there and in the school...and soon our children will also be raised in the sacred place.

And just like that, we were Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Hill!

After the ceremony we had a few stops to make, with the first being to our favorite hangout in Shawnee - Johnny's Tavern. And then off to take some group shots at a family barn of ours.

I cannot forget to point out how amazing Flower's By Emily were! She nailed every last detail and I couldn't have asked for anything more than what she produced. I mean look at our bouquets...the cows couldn't even stay away!

After this, it was strictly PARTY TIME! The location was hard to come by as seating 480 at a venue in Kansas was tough, but we decided to transform our High School gym into the venue of our dreams!

The night was filled with lots of love & laughter mixed in with the KU Jayhawk Mascot (Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!), the Best DJ ever, DJ Fernando and even some great dessert options including Dippin' Dots...groom requested!

I know this was long, but I couldn't just pick a few to share so you got lots! I hope you enjoyed - And here is to many more exciting years ahead and husband and wife, Kyle!

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