The Hill Home

Welcome to The Hill Home...our Hill home! A year ago today we moved into our FOURTH renovation project, but something about this one was different.

- Home #1 was our Lake House (I just gave my opinions along the way until we were married - then I got to make a few changes!)...Now it is ready to undergo it's second reno when we get some time!

- Home #2 was Kyle's House before we were married that I again...just gave my opinions on and some hard work along the way!

- Home #3...this was our first house together. The place we called home shortly after we married. It will always be our favorite - somedays we wish we were back there while we tear through Home#4!

- Home #4 is our "Forever Home" we say, which is why it is a bit different than the others. This is where we hope to raise children, have family get togethers, and create traditions in.

SOMEHOW we saw all of those things possible in this not-so-small project we landed 1 Year ago today! We just knew it "had potential" as we like to say.

This was what we pulled up to on moving day. Doesn't look too bad, but you fail to see the one car wide driveway (with a 2 car wide garage), the septic tank that later fails that our kitchen budget goes to, the water leaks under every window, the 50+ compost containers (let's be real...they were Blue Bell Bunny ice cream cartons) that were dispersed all around the perimeter of the property which is about 1.5 acres, among so many other things that I will get in to later on!

It took no time for us to start digging in...quite literally.

Kyle has a strong love for cars as well as extreme OCD so after just a few short mornings of figuring out who had to park in back to leave first, moving cars around when we got home, etc. - we had our contractor start ripping through the driveway to expand right away!

Even though so many things were going on right off of the bat (good & bad) and our families couldn't believe what we got ourselves into, we couldn't help but see that we had a blank canvas to work with. No matter what we were going to make this Our Hill Home...our forever home.

One room I will introduce you too now is the ONLY room that convinced me that this was our house. The Sunroom.

I vividly remember standing in this room (the 3-5 times we saw it before the sellers agreed on our offer...after 4 months of grueling back and forth!) and looking out back at our future oasis. This is what sold me, this view. It's where I am currently sitting to write, which may just become my new routine as it is where it all started. After a fresh coat of white paint and an old chandelier, this room was ready to be lived in! It's the best room

- hands down - to lounge in on a cloudy or rainy day.

So to wrap things up, I just ask you to stay tuned and join us on this crazy journey of ups and downs. We have so many projects to show you that we have tackled over the last year here at our very own Hill Home, but also past & future projects of our own and even a few others we have done for clients, heck we may even show you how to throw a great party!

Until then...enjoy and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

{Kyle & Nicole Hill}

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